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Roleplay - Player vs. Player World of Warcraft News
September RPoTM Voting 
Reported by: Meara | 10.08.05

he Operator of the Pen, Nancy Fakeleaf, would like to announce that the September Roleplay of the Month nominations have finally arrived. We've selected five different stories with five different authors, and it's your job to determine the results. Cast your votes and elect the newest Roleplay of the Month! The nominations include Ruach's "Deviance", Draesdryd's "Conflict", Fafnir's "The Wolf Pack", Morrigan's "A Refreshing Night in Tirisfal", and Ritorix's "Redemption". Congratulations...

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Defias Brotherhood - Weekly Event 
Reported by: Meara | 10.07.05

very week on Saturday morning the Merchant weekend will start, and on late Sunday it ends. Every merchant from all over the world is welcome to the Stormwind Park area to set up a stand. Here all players can come and see if they find what they have been searching for. This is a fight between mechants to get the customers to buy THEIR items. So come, bring all your items and money. This will be a enjoyable time with fireworks and ale at night in the tavern. It is a celebration to all the...

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